8 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Ordered a batch from Eat My Cakes for a birthday present and was very pleased, easy to order, baked to perfection and arrived on time……delicious, addictive and soooo tasty, will definitely be ordering again for the next birthday coming up!!! WELL RECOMMENDED!

  2. Got cupcakes from Eat My Cakes for my birthday and they made my day! Gorgeously decorated and perfectly baked. Definitely recommend them!

  3. I love Eat My Cakes – I got some fabulously cheeky ones for my Hen Do that went down a storm! Can’t wait for my fabulous wedding cake. All the cakes I have had from Eat My Cakes have been beautifully baked and decorated – definitely recommended!

  4. Spiderman, golf or a random collection of star-shaped treats – you should never go anywhere without cakes like these. Very light, very colourful and very addictive!

  5. Thought i’d score a few brownie points with the mrs. and bought a batch… worked a treat! 😉

    These cakes look and taste immense!!

  6. I have tasted more than one batch of Eat my Cakes cupcakes and they taste like a piece of sugary heaven! Most cupcakes either look amazing OR taste fab but Eat my Cakes’ cupcakes manage to combine both in a very delicious way :oD

  7. Have tried a few different flavours of Eat my Cakes, the most recent being the Carrot Cakes – divine!! So soft and the icing is nice and light which means you can enjoy it all. My favourite were the Pink Explosions I had for my birthday, perfectly girlie and baked to perfection!!

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